Then one day,
the Princess walked

the knight
to the train,

where he kissed her and bid her

Turning away,

his armor unhinged and
fell to the ground,

trailing behind in
a little stream.

The Princess waited.

She waited a long time.

Six months went by and
by then the stream

had grown
into an ocean.

The salty water rose

out of the station,
up the stairs,

into the street where
the Princess stood.

The water brought the armor

to the Princess’ feet.
She gathered the lost pieces

held them to her breast
and walked back to the palace.

In a private chamber

in the cellar of her heart,

she built a statue of the knight
and filled it with

her love
placing the notes he had given her
at his feet.

She brought him roses daily,
and sweet meats, and tea

until one day

she found him crumpled
on the floor. A note

she had never seen before, tucked

in his armored hand.
“I’ll be back” it read.

But the knight never came back.

Published by Virginia Valenzuela

Writer * Editor * Musician

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