Lyrics by Virginia Valenzuela. Music by Bandwriting Collective. All rights reserved. *** Look into the monitor that’s watching you. Find what’s true: it’s everybody waiting to Get their hopes up high, for that moment they’ve been dreaming of. Fortune seems so grand when it’s happening to someone else. Oh my god, all I wish isContinue reading “Neverland”

The Breakfast Monologues

Blue, Red, Cream, and Silver Sensation cut into slivers Mingling at the tip of a spoon. I lick my lips and my taste buds quiver Maddened by that handsome bliss That triggers the most rapturous tune. The trick, I hear, is to take it bite by bite. Sunday mornings I sit out in the canopyContinue reading “The Breakfast Monologues”

Miss You

Music and Lyrics by Virginia Valenzuela. All rights reserved. *** I had your heart in pieces of stone. I had your hand, but it’s not mine to hold. Lost our way, these days I am so cold. Wish you’d stay, but it’s me who remains… You found me withered and worn. Living free, but wishingContinue reading “Miss You”

The Humble Gentleman

A gentleman, smooth, and sultry like earnest winds; his melody swivels: volcanic and flexible. He opens his mouth only to thaw. Banned at the peach pit, molding himself to fit into humble tunnels that shudder in the daylight. His little man…he lassoed the sun. Left us to listen…until all the trumpets were gone. Waiting, waiting.Continue reading “The Humble Gentleman”