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Copyediting & Proofreading

With over 10 years of experience proofing and marking up copy, teaching MLA, APA, , AP and Chicago style guides, and perusing the Webster’s Dictionary for fun, I can turn any piece of writing into a flawless masterpiece ready for publication. I can even tell when there is an extra space in your copy.


In a world where marketing is trying too hard to be like a good poem, real poets are in high demand. Not only can I bring wit, wordplay, and hella good rhymes to marketing materials, but I can also work with consumer data to provide copy that gets results.

Ghost Editing

I have worked with writers from many backgrounds to help refine their projects so that the style, structure, and voice are cohesive throughout. I provide comments for wide-scale revision, line edits, notes on genre and audience, and I offer creative support throughout the life of your project.

Digital Editing

A thriving website has a few things: great content, a stellar layout, consistent style, and a thoughtful messaging campaign. I can create blog posts, feature articles, newsletters, and interactive media that will boost visibility and engage readers with data-driven stories and SEO.


Cucina Romana: Another Italian Adventure

The sequel to Andrew Cotto’s first food, wine, and adventure tour of the Italian countryside. March 24, 2021.

Next Line, Please: Prompts to Inspire Poets and Writers

An anthology of the best posts from David Lehman’s American Scholar column. March 15, 2018.

The Family Dolls: A Manson Paper & Play Book

An interactive history of the Manson family chaos written by John Reed. With cut-out paper dolls! July 1, 2021.

Black Irish Blues: A Caesar Stiles Mystery

The origin story of a street-smart runaway trying to find the truth about his roots. December 29, 2020.


“Virginia’s sharp eye and imagination rescued our book. She not only found grammar and spelling errors – she also suggested we add chapters that ended up livening our work. And she elevated the language in places where we needed it.  She was also generous with compliments, which inspired us to dig in and keep revising.”

-John O’Brien and Lisa Peebles

“Having hired Virginia as a consultant and copy editor on two novels, I can enthusiastically attest to both her professionalism and her talents. Virginia brings an array of expertise and a passion for language that ensures a polished product and a highly-enjoyable experience.”

-Andrew Cotto

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