Chapter Two

Shall I compare the beginning of my new life
To a box full of lightbulbs? A bundle
Of firewood one buys in late summer?
What I am trying to say:

I am coated in darkness. But I have
Potential. I am barricaded by my own self
But I am at least well put together.

And forever is only an idea, not a
Frame of time. I know because
I have already lived a million forevers
And I have many, many more to go.

It shows in the bouts of wisdom
Of which I never knew the name
Something like a pessimistic realism

That loses hope as quickly as it regains
Its composure…measures my success
In my number of job offers. What I mean:
I am not yet depressed, but it is probable.

I am not yet alone, though sometimes
I feel as though that wouldn’t be
The worst thing that could happen.

Published by Virginia Valenzuela

Writer * Editor * Musician

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