Democratic Debate at my Alma Mater!

That’s right, snail fans! Last night’s debate took place in the same building where I worked out while watching episodes of Sex and the City, flirted with frat boys during Greek Week, and participated in late-night charity events with my sorority, Epsilon Kappa Tau. Which begs the question: Is there anything better than knowing that Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren shared the stage where I received my diploma? Probably not.

All in all I was quite impressed by the debate, due in no small part to the fact that it was way less depressing than the last one. Elizabeth Warren had jokes, Bernie Sanders had clear answers, and Joe Biden was able to keep his teeth in his mouth.


But the person I didn’t expect to like all that much was Pete Buttigieg. He was witty, attentive, and he fought his way into the conversation in a way none of the other non-frontrunner candidates did. I didn’t agree with everything he said, but I commend him for being memorable.

Last time around I was a hardcore 2016 Bernie devotee, and the first rally I went to was in nearby Columbus, Ohio. I felt the Bern then and I felt it last night, which is saying a lot considering that I was having my doubts about his age and 2016 loser status, but that’s just the thing: He is just so damn likable! and he speaks to issues that touch my life.

Social justice, incarceration, income inequality, corruption in medicine and big business, reproductive rights, decriminalization of marijuana and opioids, dangers of subjective media, are all issues that need to be on the Democratic platform.

But will it be the message to get Trump out of office? Let’s hope so, or else move to Canada.

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