People always ask me for directions, like
am I on the right track?
How many stops from
where am I going?
How long will it take?

Well, I don’t know about all that
but I do know you’re either going uptown
or down, and if you stay on the same
train for too long you end up lost
wondering, where did it all go wrong?

Everyone asks me for directions
people who live here and people visiting
people who speak English and people
who don’t, all of which are relieved
to hear an answer, any answer.

People ask me for directions
even when I am the one visiting
and even when I am the one visiting
I usually know what to say
because maps and cities make sense to me

and I am not one to not know
where I am
or where I’m going
even though, one can never be sure.

Published by Virginia Valenzuela

Writer * Editor * Musician

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