Erotic Romance Novels


Alfonso, Alfonso!
King of the Night!
Rest your head upon my bed, 
and never do take flight!

Your mouth is all but wanting
your eyes are full of spite
so take me here! yes, take me now!
to drown in love’s delight.


He dreamed of her hungry body,
that surging bed of hair—
she was passion, ready and willing,
a grand piano secret lover.


Juanito, principito,
darling of the wind and sea.
You come and go through my window
like a feral cat through the trees.

Oh, Juanito, stay a while longer!
I’m perspiring, can’t you see?
There’s something I’ve been wanting
to tell you…but first, kiss me, kiss me!


He lapped up her touch, her beauty,
he felt his loins ignite—
her lust was his doing, his duty, he thought
and like a man, he must do what he must.


“You savage!” she cried
as they ripped open burning 
desire, his big dog entwined 
with her eager breast—

her naked body barking at the moon—
she had been only “satisfied” until then
but then the doors flew open
and it was none other than—


Alfonso! Alfonso!
It’s not what it looks like!
We were just doing yoga
and this is how you do it right!


He dreamed of her virtuous body
her verses, her promises, their strife—
it seemed she had given them up
to make a pass at a bohemian life.

And so goes the recipe of love:
two parts treachery, three parts gin
a splash of lime juice and bitters
and just a dash of sin.

Published by Virginia Valenzuela

Writer * Editor * Musician

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