Slut Queen Dreams

for Leslie King I Hey tickle tickle, the snail and the pickle The rat meows in bed. The street kitty barks, a rabid delight And the snail crawls all over it’s head! II One, two, “I like you.” Three, four, “Clothes on the floor.” Five, six, “Got nude pics?” Seven, eight, “He comes, you wait.”... Continue Reading →

Erotic Romance Novels

1 Alfonso, Alfonso! King of the Night! Rest your head upon my bed,  and never do take flight! Your mouth is all but wanting your eyes are full of spite so take me here! yes, take me now! to drown in love’s delight. 2 He dreamed of her hungry body, that surging bed of hair—... Continue Reading →

The Vegetable Freak Speaks: a Memoir

I recently went out to a very nice restaurant, or at least it seemed nice, from what I could tell. There were white table cloths, multiple forks and multiple spoons, good-looking waiters with slicked-back hair, and a wonderfully pretty menu in their hands. My fingers played with the napkin on my lap, waiting to taste... Continue Reading →

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