"The only true thoughts are those which do not grasp their own meaning." Adorno

El Vampiro

I come to your house looking for you but find only your middle child seeking visions. I call you by your given name. You do not come out. The doors are unlocked and a mangey bird sits by the window you left open. It says, Camp out overnight! for surely the man enamored by darkness... Continue Reading →

What is a thing?

Does it hinge on a string? Does it call itself Miss or Mister? Are things between things also things? Like flings? And what about their shadows? Do they do things—sweet or sinister? Would a drop of water make it grow? Would a drop of water make it sink?

Mirror #1 (Reflections)

Usually when I look at you, I see myself: reclusive, prodding, often sleepy and usually when I think of you I think of how my left is your right how we have the same background and even our blinking comes entwined but then I looked at you recently and I only peeked, returning my gaze... Continue Reading →

Delightfully mad and sad I am So true, so true! Ignited by your humanity, and my insanity ensues. Forsooth! Such famous fury and surely, you'd feel it too— for if not I'd be all alone in this, my visionary tune!

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