You may find her in the heart of an island out at sea, giant leaves fanning her, little nymphs at her feet and when you find her you may bow to her, sing her songs, give her treats tokens she holds forever even after you leave, because you know you are destined to leave, to... Continue Reading →

First Day of September (2018)

And some leaves are already falling— not red, not orange, not yellow, nor beautiful but coarse, crinkly, and brown— and already the air feels cooler, the breeze crisper or was that just the placebo’s whisper? Yes, this is best: a cosmopolitan on the balcony the leaves of the trees obscuring the sun and your dog at... Continue Reading →

Three Plants

At the risk of being broken, they grow together. One breathes, one yellows, one takes up the sun yellowing without noticing. I have thought, on occasion of clipping one, leaving a clean machete tree stump just to see if one grows longer just to see if the one grows back.


well, they are gone, and here must I remain, serious as a star when only one star can be seen yet I am the one left looking, hearing your footfalls as they fade I am the one who always waits, and you, one of many who has found me by mistake returning next to my... Continue Reading →

Abecedarius in 26 Words (& Change)

Alabastrine, beauteous, careful daylight, ebbing. For gallant headwinds include juridical knowledge, lyrical mastery, & no place (for) quivering, reticent shadows. Tu último viento: (a) wayward, xerophytic young zephyr— Also published here: https://theamericanscholar.org/and-be-careful-darling/#.WjKobrbMwWo

Rags to Riches

How simple it must be, the life of a rock ignoring the pulse of the tick and the tock forgetting which dirty magazine it took to read in bed in lieu of a book. A rock with no shoes, no sandal, nor boot Not even a rambling foot— Like an artist, it has no need... Continue Reading →

Limpia la Ropa

In the laundromat you read books and listen to Chopin. On both tv’s the same show is playing at slightly different times, which is why you try not to forget your headphones. The machines are half dead and the dryers only run on high or low. It's nighttime, so the air is sticky, and the... Continue Reading →

Brown Eyes

I like to watch your eye twitch watch your nose bleed, watch your cat drink, and when I watch you I think of molasses, sweet and bitter, how once you told me about molasses cookies on Sundays like cartoons your eye twitching again as you look into my eyes and ask is there silence underwater?

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