She rides a borrowed bike between Berlin streets and graffiti piles-- the sky is gray, but not sad, and all day it will not rain, though it could have whenever it wanted to. She arches her back for better posture, but the clouds are rather heavy. Left down Schönhouser Allee left the map at home... Continue Reading →


Then one day, the Princess walked the knight to the train, where he kissed her and bid her goodnight. Turning away, his armor unhinged and fell to the ground, trailing behind in a little stream. The Princess waited. She waited a long time. Six months went by and by then the stream had grown into... Continue Reading →


Every Sunday the Knight walks the Princess to the train Her gait soft like a penumbra His legs light like fire. Every Sunday, the Knight walks the Princess to the station, she always makes him wait. He waits gladly. She waves a wand her eyelash; he sings into her ear. She rewards him. Within a... Continue Reading →

Speak (for Octavio Paz)

You spoke of a city brimming with unspoken reality dusty skulls shimmering in forgetfulness exposed by the darkness of memory. You spoke of prayers that forgot their meaning reminding us that words are only as potent as the sound in the mouths that say them— but even sound itself can be silent. You spoke of... Continue Reading →

He Says

I’ve been fighting a lunatic A ludicrous maker of little white lies An avid fantasizer of little legs, And Bambi eyes, with shallow heads * He says he can give me everything I say, make me a better woman Because I’m sickened by my diet Because I’m silenced by ignorant ears Because I’m different in... Continue Reading →

The Humble Gentleman

A gentleman, smooth, and sultry like earnest winds; his melody swivels: volcanic and flexible. He opens his mouth only to thaw. Banned at the peach pit, molding himself to fit into humble tunnels that shudder in the daylight. His little man...he lassoed the sun. Left us to listen...until all the trumpets were gone. Waiting, waiting.... Continue Reading →

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